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An Interactive Timeline History of East Orange
(1666 to 2015)

national debt

Foot Fits

Police Training Must Include : Reverence For Life

East Orange True News
Updated: 03/03/2015
You won't find this much EO news in
the East Orange Record, Local Talk,
The Essex News "Daily"
or The Alternative Press!

East Orange Weather Report
Climate Change News

Homicides for 2015

Essex County
Guns Taken
2015 to date...

East Orange = 5

Newark = 11
Bad Guy Body Count: 1


East Orange Homicide Casualty List for 2014

Cicely Tyson School
Debate Team Winners
January 2015

EO Unified Marching Band at Philly 76ers
Game in Philadelphia

02/27/15 Markell Buchanan of EO Arrested in Newark

02/27/15 EO Firefighter Marc Jackson Acquitted

02/26/15 Stolen EO Police Gun Recovered

02/25/15 Diana Montgomery of EO Arrested in Newark

East Orange Unified Marching Band Performs
at NJ Devil's Game in Newark

East Orange Unified Marching Band Performs
No One from the Community Shows Up in Support

02/24/15 Kasia Rivera "Quality of Life" Trial Delayed

02/22/15 Two Newark Men Shot in EO Armed Robbery

EOUMB Travels From School To School
to Recruit New Band Members

2/20/15 Damika Thompson of EO Arrested for Fraud

02/20/15 Electronic Parts Recycling Rules Changed

02/20/15 East Orange Unified Marching Band
Moving to Campus High School in July

02/19/15 Ramel McGrady from EO Shot in Newark #5

02/19/15 Shots Fired Through Store Front on Central Ave.

02/19/15 EO Teacher/Coach Arrested in Roselle
EO Superintendent Responds

02/19/15 EO Firefighter Marc Jackson's 2nd Trial Begins

02/18/15 Malika Terry of EO Killed in Ice Accident

EO Alumni Meet at Mardi Gras Parade

02/10/15 Kasia Rivera has been Sternly Spoken to:
"Don't Do That Again!"

02/09/15 Kwame Yeboah of EO Shot on North 9th St. #4

02/08/15 Sharod Coleman of EO Shot in Newark #3

02/07/15 State of the City in Essex News Daily
Still no transcript; no video; same old stuff.

02/07/15 Property Tax Data for Last Year (2014)

02/05/15 Dionne Warwick Returns Home to SO
After Hospitalized for Falling in Shower

02/04/15 Retired EOPD Officer Edward Purcell is Missing

02/04/15 Johnnie B. Cooks of EO Charged in
Jersey City Assault

02/03/15 East Orange GSP Toll Booth Robbed at Gunpoint

02/01/15 Police Seek Info About Robert Marchuk

02/01/15 More "Quality of Life" Issues in EO

Older East Orange News is Archived in the Timeline

THIRD WARD MAP - Shame of the City

East Orange 2014 Property Taxes:
Average Residential Property Value: $172,082.00
Average Property Taxes: $8,444.00

Net Value EO Taxable - $2,513,103,146.00

County Taxes: $14,544,693.99
County Open Space Tax: $440,422.70
Total County Taxes: $14,985,116.69

EO School District: $20,544,012.00

EO Municipal: $86,299,608.00
EO Municipal Open Space: $502,621.00
EO Library Tax: $991,610.00
EO Total Municipal: $87,793,839.00

Here's the man responsible:

Lester Taylor Delivers State of the City Speech

I was not there, so I cannot tell you what was said,
but I CAN tell you what was NOT said. No mention
was made of the seven East Orange residents who
were murdered last year
, nor the two more residents
who were murdered this year
. There was NO
EXPLANATION as to how our public schools
were the highest in numbers of violent incidents and
highest in substance abuse in all of Essex County

this past year during mayor Taylor's watch.
given for the mayor's inability to provide true
transparency and accountability of government by
posting the budget on-line and the city codes and
ordinances on-line.

I was not there, so I am only guessing that the above
statement is completely true. If I am wrong, play me
the video recording of the speech and prove me
wrong and I will apologize to the mayor and council.
01/21/15 Jim Gerrish - E. Orange, NJ
UPDATE: 2/7/15 There has been no complete video
of the State of the City Address released and no
written transcript. The pitiful information that HAS
been released
proves that every statement I made
above is TRUE NEWS.


Instead of working to put the city budget on-line,
as promised many times, or to put the city codes
and ordinances on-line, again as promised many
times, the mayor and council have come up with a
scheme to run the Police and Fire departments by
committee, adding layers of bureacracy and
removing accountability. This move will increase
the number of people working for the city, but not
the number of police officers or fire fighters. Unless
YOU show up to demand accountability and REAL
transparency, the mayor and council will sign this
into EO law on January 26th with a flick of the pen.
We don't need another water commission (water
department run by committee) on our hands.

01/17/15 - Jim Gerrish - E. Orange, NJ

02/19/15 -Ohio Teacher of the Year, Stacie Starr,
resigned because of Common Core. That took a
great deal of courage of conviction.
Read her reasons
why she resigned HERE.


Holding Mayor Lester Taylor Accountable

Stated Campaign Goals Addressed

Stated Campaign Goals NOT YET Addressed

Lower Property Taxes - -

Create new development in our city -

Create good jobs for our residents -

Create a "better" educational system -

Create Recreational opportunities for our young people +

Deal with adequate services for our seniors -

Deal with the issue of harrassment of our police department -

Provide both police and fire dept. adequate resources
to keep our community safe
- -

Develop a parking garage at or near Brick Church Station

Additional Goals Quoted in Ebony Article 03/24/14:

"Make this community safer" -

"Stabilize and reduce taxes" - -

"Improve the city's unemployment rate" -

"Create livable wage jobs" -

"Use organized labor programs to train people and expose
them to career options" -

"Prepare our students for college and careers" +

Reality Sets In...

South Orange Stops Buying Water
from East Orange Water Works

Poor Attendance at State of City

EO Schools Highest in Violence
and Substance Abuse 2013-14

Lester Taylor For Governor -2017

Uniform Crime Report 2014

Bread and Circuses *
Second Annual Mayoral Ball?

* "The people did not realize
that they were merely recovering
a portion of their own property,
and that their ruler (mayor)
could not have given them
what they were receiving
without first having taken it
from them in taxes."
Translated from the Latin -
Decimus Junius Juvenalis
a.k.a. Juvenal c.100 AD


CTS Band Parent Association Web site  

Home of the
East Orange Unified Marching Band

EO Alumni Meet at Mardi Gras Parade

EO Unified Marching Band
at Philly 76ers Game

East Orange Unified Marching Band
Performs at NJ Devil's Game

East Orange Unified Marching Band
No One from the Community

Shows Up in Support

East Orange Wiz Kids, Inc. News

Reorganizing the News - Nothing is Missing

Essex County Gun Buy-Back Scoreboard

Gun Control & Registration News

Climate Change News

Common Core News

Planned Parenthood & Abortion News


Reverence For Life

Thomas Sowell on:
Civilian Casualties in Gaza
Children as Illegal Immigrants
Increasing the Minimum Wage

A Convention Of States Can Amend The Constitution

States In Favor of a Convention of States (COS)

02/04/14 Georgia Senate passes COS application 37-17

04/19/14 Alaska Senate passes COS application 12-8

04/21/14 Florida House passes COS application


04/11/14 Project Veritas Exposes Wisconsin Senator

01/22/14 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Gives Surplus Money Back to Taxpayers

02/05/14 Wisconsin's Economy Continues To Thrive

02/11/14 Senator Cruz: Use New Sources of Energy to Pay Down National Debt

Become an Abolitionist- Save the Slaves
Slavery Under Islam

05/22/14 Dr. Ben Carson's Interview on The Glenn Beck Program

01/28/14 Dr. Ben Carson on Raising the Minimum Wage

11/12/13 : Dr. Ben Carson's Five Warning Signs of America's Decline

Written Transcript of Dr. Ben Carson's Speech (2/7/13) HERE

Ben Carson Scholars and Reading Rooms


America : Freedom to Fascism

02/11/14 - Three NJ Republicans who voted FOR the “clean” debt limit increase:
REMEMBER: Rep. Frank LoBiondo, Rep. Jon Runyan, Rep. Chris Smith
Here is the complete list of all who voted for the increase

Why the Budget Deal was Bad 12/19/13

Remember These 9 Republican Senators Who Caved In on 12/18/13

Remember the Names of House Reps who Caved In on the Sequester Cuts (12/12/13)

28 Senate RINO that Need to be Dismissed

88 House RINO that Need to be Dismissed

Truth Matters in Minnesota: Why Not New Jersey?

Campaign Finance Abuses
04/09/13 I don't see Campaign Finance Reform on anybody's Election Promises

7/3/13 Campaign Reporting Violations

10/02/13 Joe DiVincenzo Caught in Campaign Fund Violations

Remembering History

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

Saul Alinsky's 12 Rules For Radicals

Freedomworks' 13 Rules For Patriots

national debt

Remembering Trayvon Martin
More Trayvon Martin History
East Orange Takes Sides
7/21/13 Media Distortions
7/26/13 Why Didn't Trayvon just call 911?
What If Trayvon Martin Had Been White?
This Could Have Been Obama's Son

Zo on Conservative Blacks

ZO on Racism

Read the Book

by Taleeb Starkes

More From Taleeb

Black People's Court by Taleeb Starkes

01/08/14 Where the Culture of Violence Begins
01/12/14 -
Follow-up by Taleeb Starkes

12/28/13 Black Mob Violence on the Increase
Brooklyn, NY
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO

10/14/13 10 Black Teens Beat White Couple in Brooklyn, NY

12 Black Teens Rape 2 White Women in Wilmington, DE
Where is the outrage? (8/29/13)

7/14/13 Here's a REAL Hero Worth Remembering

More Teen-age Heroes Worth Remembering

Remember Al Sharpton & Other Race Baiters

2/24/15 Video Reveals Al Sharpton's True Motive

Remember - US Senator Cory Booker

02/26/14 Newark Watershed Scandal

02/25/14 Booker's Involvement in Newark Watershed Scandal

Remember - NJ Senator Robert Menendez

What's this about New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez?
Follow-up story 3/2/13
Follow-up possible retraction story 3/5/13
Sen. Robert Menendez under investigation by grand jury 3/15/13
Prostitution scandal surrounding Sen. Menendez was a lie, officials say 3/19/13

6/23/13 Scandal just won't "Go Away." Here's a new one...

01/24/14 The Investigation Continues...

Remember - Thirteen Embezzlers
Tally in Illinois: 13 Charged, $16M Embezzled

Remember - Hillary Rodham Clinton

Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life.
Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality,
namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life,
and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
— Albert Schweitzer

Jihad vs Crusades

Get the facts before you embarrass yourself, Mr. President.

Here's a former President with a different view:

"No state paper from a Christian hand, could, without trampling
the precepts of its Lord and Master, have commenced by an
open proclamation of hatred to any portion of the human race.
The Ottoman (Muslim) lays it down as the foundation of his discourse."
John Quincy Adams
The American Annual Register for the Years 1827-8-9, Blunt, Joseph (1830)

Historic Executions of Homosexuals


12/04/14 Arizona Baptist Cleric Advocates Executions of Gays

Muslims Don't Just Talk About Gay Executions in 2015

Another man thrown off a roof and stoned to death by a crowd.

Another man murdered for the delight of the crowd
of Muslims below, who finished him off by stoning.

1/15/15 -
Muslims Execute Men by Throwing From Tall
Building as Crowd of Muslims Watches From Street.

Muslim Atrocities Continue into 2015

2/15/15 Twenty-one Christians Beheaded - Why? Because They Are Christians.

Iraqi Soldier Decapitated - Muslim Watchers Invited to Step on Body

Three New Decapitations by Muslims - Iraqui Victims from Sinjar

History Repeating Itself Once Again

USA TODAY Editorial Cartoon, February 2, 2015

1943, Nazi Controlled Germany

History Repeating Itself Once Again

The Turkish massacres of Armenians
in 1894, 1895, 1896, and 1909

February, 2015 - Starbucks Poster Celebrates Armenian Holocaust

Historic World News from 2014 is archived HERE


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

11/19/14 A Woman's Response to a Muslim Death Threat

09/28/14 My Business is a Muslim Free Zone (MFZ)
Follow-up to MFZ: CAIR Asks Holder to Investigate

“The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victim's feet.”
-- Dr. M. Sabieski

06/18/14 The Myth of the Moderate Muslim

02/15/14 Palestinians: The Invented People

01/04/14 Islamic "Honor" Murder in Michigan

02/20/14 Who is Robert O. Malley and Why Should I Care?

9/17/13 Who is Mohammed Elibiary and Why Should I care?
Mohamed Elibiary uses Militant Islamic R4BIA Symbol on his Twitter profile

8/22/13 More about the Crimes of The Muslim Brotherhood

09/29/13 Does anyone care about Boko Haram in Mamudo, Nigeria?
Islamic Terrorists of Boko Haram Strike Again

9/29/13 Does anyone care about 40 Murders at Yobe State College?

9/30/13 The Muslim Jihadists in Kenya

Growing Evidence Supports Reports
That Syrian Rebels Launched Chemical Attacks

Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?
by Yossef Bodansky
- 09/01/13

The President's Muslim Family - 02/10/14


Remember Barack Hussein Obama

11/12/13 - Lies of the Navigators

11/01/13 Twenty-Three Lies Caught on Video

Obamacare is not for the Faint of Heart

Obama's Lies about Columbia University

Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama

Selling Obama Phones to buy Drugs

More Memories...

02/17/15 Click on their Pictures - Learn Who They Are


I walked down the street in Barcelona (Spain), and suddenly discovered
a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz.
We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims.
Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez, Jan. 15, 2008

05/02/14 Christians are Being Crucified by Islamic Militants

The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Goals for North America

10/11/13 Stealth Jihad in Action in America

11/11/13 Islamists Have No Special Rights in America

Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away

4 Reasons to Remember Benghazi

Benghazi Questions That Won't Go Away

Original Benghazi Theory from October, 2012

Back to the original Benghazi theory from June 2012

06/17/13 Special Forces Were Only Hours From Benghazi

08/03/13 New Questions about Benghazi

08/13/13 More Benghazi Revelations

10/22/13 Before Benghazi and Still No Answers: Sgt. Bergdahl

10/28/13 "60 Minutes" Finally "Discovers" Benghazi Scandal is Real
Follow-Up: 11/26/13 CBS Backtracks on Part of the "60 Minutes" Story

10/30/13 More of the "Truth" Comes Out on CBS
Follow-Up: 11/26/13 CBS Backtracks on Part of the "60 Minutes" Story

11/16/13 What Benghazi Attackers Knew in Advance

The Complete Report on Benghazi from September 11, 2012 to February 14, 2014

03/14/14 CIA Fails to Investigate Benghazi Attack

04/30/14 Proof in e-mails That the President and Hillary (etc.) Lied

05/02/14 John Boehner Forms Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi

05/11/14 Trey Gowdy Questions the Media

06/13/14 Benghazi Filmmaker CONFIRMED To Be Agent Of Eric Holder

12/01/14 Benghazi was the Definition of an Intelligence Failure

07/01/14 New Water Rates for East Orange

06/18/14 EOWC Agendas and Resolutions have STILL not been updated
Who can find the missing $3.1 Million?
Contact Jim Gerrish

04/04/14 EOWC News has not been updated since 2010
06/03/14 Still Waiting for News of the Indicted Commissioners (from 2013).
No news from the city - but the Star Ledger has some HERE

3/5/13 East Orange Water Commission may face fines up to $400,000

East Orange Water Commission Indictments - 2/13/13

Resolution of Board of Water Commissioners from December 11, 2012
Board of Water Commissioners Agenda for January 8, 2013

Official Web Site of the City of East Orange

OLD - East Orange Facebook Page

NEW - East Orange City Hall Facebook Page

EO Recreational & Cultural Affairs Facebook Page

East Orange Public Library Web Site

East Orange Board of Education Web site

East Orange Campus High School Sports

East Orange Neighborhood Profile - Statistics

Local Newspapers and On-Line News:

LocalTalk News covering Oranges, Bloomfield, Montclair, Irvington and Newark - Also use to report potholes and other city repair issues

Worrall Community Newspapers Electronic Editions

Essex News Daily

The Newark Star Ledger: NJ.com

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